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Hello and welcome to p4a! We are an amazing class of 10 boys and 10 girls, and our teacher is Miss Cooper.


In term 1 our numeracy focus was learning how to multiply and divide by 2,5 and 10.  We have been focusing on numbers to 1000, and have recently been learning how to add 3-digit numbers with regrouping. Soon, we will be moving onto subtraction of 3-digit numbers.

In literacy, we know how to write and layout a letter correctly. We are currently learning how to write an imaginative story, and have been working hard to develop our understanding of using adjectives to describe characters and setting. Our continued focus in literacy is to use a variety of punctuation correctly, including question marks, exclamation marks and inverted commas.

Our topic this term is The Vikings. We are fascinated by where the Vikings came from and how they travelled. We can’t wait to find out more exciting information!