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P1 Miss


  • We are learning to recognise and read all our set 1 single letter sounds.
  • We are learning to blend sounds together to read words, using our Fred talk, read the word skills.
  • We are learning to develop our motor and mark making skills, to allow us to create detailed pictures.
  • We are developing lots of listening and talking skills through stories, songs, and games.


  • We are learning to develop number knowledge of numbers to 10. We are working on counting accuratley, recognising digits, and identifying numbers before and after in a sequence.
  • We are learning to count forwards to 20
  • We are learning to organise and sort objects into groups, talking about similarities and differences.
  • We are learning the days of the week and months of the year. We are using time vocabulary to talk about our day.
  • IDL (topic)  & Religious Education

    • Our IDL focus and themes will be created based on the children’s interests during play and shared with you as and when these are developed. So far, the children have expressed great interest in music and sound, as well as transport, which we will look at throughout this term.
    • We are learning who God is and why he is special.
    • We are learning to join in with daily prayers.
    • We are beginning to enjoy some Bible stories.

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