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Frequently Asked Questions

Opening Times

St Francis RC Primary School opens to children at 9am.  Our morning learning time runs from 9am to 12.15pm with a 15 minute break at 10.30am.  Our afternoon starts at 1.15pm and finishes at 3.15pm.

Please contact the school for information regarding breakfast club or after school club.

School Dinners

School meals are provided by Tayside Contracts catering. All pupils will have a set meal with a choice of main course. Lunches can be booked via parent pay. 

Children who have a packed lunch or school dinner are not allowed to leave the premises of the school for health and safety reasons.

As a school, we do not allow pupils to leave school during the day without permission as we cannot ensure their safety. We therefore do not allow children to go to the nearby shops for lunch as we feel that this may compromise their safety.

We advise parents not to allow their children to go to the shops for lunch.

If you do decide to permit your child to go then we can only allow this if written permission is received in advance, stating that you understand you have full responsibility for your child’s safety and behaviour during the lunch hour.

Arrangements have been made to enable pupils to stay in school during inclement weather.  Pupils who leave the school premises at lunchtime should not return to school until 1.15pm as there will be no supervision in the playground.  All available staff will be inside supervising the children who have stayed for a school or packed lunch.

St Francis Uniform

The wearing of school uniform is encouraged in the belief that it gives children a sense of belonging and shared identity which is conducive to a good learning environment.  A neat, tidy appearance can help children with their confidence and behaviour and we ask for your support in this.

Polo shirts, sweatshirts/cardigans and waterproof jackets with the school badge can be ordered at the school office at any time throughout the year.

School ties and badges for blazers along with other items of clothing can be bought at the Schoolwear Shop in Meadowside, Dundee or Logoxpres Schoolwear shop online.

How do I make an appointment to see my child's teacher or School Management Team?

Close co-operation between home and school is important and parents are invited to contact school to arrange an appointment whenever it is necessary to share information, when advice is required or problems occur.  This partnership is, of course, a two way process.

Parents are also kept well informed through Seesaw, X, by email, text, telephone or written communication, when appropriate, and through our newsletters. 

We also encourage parents to join us for ‘Meet the Teacher’ information afternoons, curriculum evenings, ‘Celebrations of Achievement’, selected assemblies, productions by individual classes, fundraising events, special weeks as in Health week or Scottish week, PTA activities and Parent Evenings.  We also value your assistance on our school trips and in helping with a range of other school activities.