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Hello and welcome to P5a!  We are a class of 28, 10 girls and 18 boys, and our teacher is Miss Rice. In Literacy this term we are focusing on creative writing which allows us to be imaginative with our writing skills. Alongside that we are focusing on figurative language, so we can add more detail to our stories.  So far, we have learned about similes.

Our class novel, ‘Fir for Luck’, relates to our topic about The Highland Clearances. This book is about a young girl who escaped The Highland Clearances during the 18th century.  This topic will allow us to explore Scotland’s history and the impact it has had on shaping Scotland into the country it is today. 

In numeracy we have been focusing on place value and working with 3, 4 and 5-digit numbers.  We have learned how to partition 4-digit numbers and have enjoyed this challenge.  We will soon be moving onto 4-digit addition and subtraction.